Trusted advisor for critical decisions

We are experts in helping our clients respond to a range of complex situations which have the potential to dramatically impact their business and reputation.

Special situations
Special situations are atypical events which have the potential to dramatically alter the future course of business, reputation, and value.

We work side by side with senior management teams, investors, business owners, and legal counsel to help them respond rapidly and effectively to special situations.
Investment & Transaction Intelligence
We bring forensic expertise, technology and corporate intelligence together to manage threats to M&A, cross-border transactions, investments in risky or complex jurisdictions, operations in emerging markets, such as fraud, undisclosed conflicts of interest, unethical business practices, sanctions, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption.
We help clients answer the difficult questions for investigation departments, financial crime compliance groups, or business intelligence teams. We partner with our clients to conduct the most challenging and sensitive cross-border forensic investigations and intricate enhanced due diligence cases.
We work closely with legal counsel, litigators, and insolvency professionals to deliver strategic solutions during high value cross-border disputes. We combine investigation expertise, interview techniques, forensic technology, open source intelligence and industry source enquiries to inform the strategy and provide evidence for use in legal proceedings.
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