14th Global Family Office Investment Conference - Dubai

Kalita Partners, represented by co-founder Alexander Khaki, proudly participated in the LIVE In-Person 14th Global Family Office Investment Conference in Dubai in March 2021.

Many family offices representatives, key opinion leaders, brightest start-ups and technology evangelists gathered during these three days in sunny, welcoming and safe Dubai.

Our key take aways from the event:
▶ Healthcare, green energy, agriculture, biotechnologies, banking and education are they key target industries for investment now.
▶ DeFi, blockchain and AI based solutions are not our “Tomorrow” - they are our “Today”, here and now helping to make people live a better life.
▶ It doesn’t really matter if you’re very young or more mature - key investors will be paying equal attention to what you say, if you have a really bright idea.
▶ Education is trending now - more than ever. Real-life knowledge and experience is as much important as university degrees. Combining skills gained from all aspect of life education is a priority.

We would like to sincerely thank Sir Anthony RitossaVanessa A. Eriksson and of course the most welcoming people of the United Arab Emirates for such a great summit!