Litigation Funding: will your case be funded?

Join us on Wednesday 27 May at 2.00pm BST for a special Live Webinar

Litigation funding: will your case be funded?

Over the past decade litigation funding radically changed the dynamic by providing lawyers and their clients with opportunities to monetise good claims through litigation. Today the catastrophic impact of Covid-19 on the global economy creates a liquidity problem for a huge number of businesses. The demand for litigation funding will increase dramatically in the medium term. Funders are already inundated with applications. In this context what are the chances to get your case accepted and funded?

In this webinar, Simon Davenport QC (3 Hare Court) will discuss the current state of litigation funding and address the key strategies involved in getting cases successfully funded. He will also be joined by Sergey Litovchenko (Bivonas) to discuss claims from Russia & CIS and the challenges they face when searching for funding.

This webinar will focus on:

·      The post-Covid litigation surge;
·      Funding stories: the good, the bad, the ugly;
·      The keys to obtaining funding;
·      The challenges raised by cases from Russia-CIS;
·      How to structure a case to get it funded?
·      Q&As

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Meet our speakers

Simon Davenport QC, 3 Hare Court

Simon is a senior commercial and chancery silk who specialises in commercial disputes, civil fraud, insolvency and professional negligence cases both domestically and internationally (and in particular Russian/ClS clients). He has been described as “a first-rate silk” and a “fearless advocate”. A trusted QC and widely acclaimed as a leading silk the Legal 500 in Civil Fraud, Insolvency and Commercial Litigation. Learn more about Simon.

Sergey Litovchenko, Bivonas Law

Sergey specialises in commercial litigation and arbitration. He has experience in multi-million dollar multi-jurisdictional fraud claims, shareholders disputes, defamation, breach of contract, tort and insolvency claims. Sergey heads the Russia and CIS practice at Bivonas Law. Learn more about Sergey.

This Live Talks session will be presented by Julien Artero, Managing Partner of Kalita Partners, a special situations firm assisting businesses respond quickly and discreetly to complex and sensitive situations when time is a factor.

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Duration: 1 hour.