“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

As hundreds of millions of us around the world are adapting to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, businesses are also trying to adjust in order to survive trough the crisis. How many businesses will have no other choice than cease operations? How many businesses will successfully emerge out of this event?At the moment, the major concerns for business owners and top management are:

  • Keep employees safe and able to work remotely from home when possible;
  • Trigger business continuity plans to keep essential business operations on;
  • Prevent additional financial loss by reducing inefficiencies and mitigating insider threat risks (internal fraud, misconduct) and external threats (cybercrime, external fraud);
  • Continue to look for opportunities to keep the business afloat during and after the crisis.

Kalita Partners remains operational during the current situation. We understand the importance of staying close to our clients worldwide and continuing to deliver critical support to help clients manage complex situations. A lot of us remember how the 2008 financial crisis, with the US housing and mortgage-backed securities meltdown followed by the European sovereign debt crisis, caused all markets to plunge and liquidity to disappear. The financial crisis uncovered the biggest Ponzi scheme in history: Bernie Madoff was found to have defrauded thousands of investors out of $65 billion over 17 years.

At the time, Warren Buffet said: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”The current COVID-19 crisis will certainly reveal fraudulent schemes and unethical business practices which remained below the radar when business times were more favorable. In such cases, clients will need to respond quickly to fully understand the information available and how to secure, collect and process it. Regulators will continue to expect businesses to demonstrate adequate response to fraud events.

eDiscovery and Digital Forensics during the COVID-19 situation

Kalita Partners developed remote eDiscovery and Digital Forensic capabilities to support clients, almost anywhere in the world, in the most flexible and cost-effective way possible.

24/7 Safe Response Data Collection:

- We use modern technologies and internet channels bandwidth to collect data remotely: personal computers, server data, email data, cloud data with minimal disruption of business processes and limited face-to-face interaction. Data upload goes via encrypted channels to our secured data centers in relevant jurisdictions where data is collected.

- When collecting data remotely is not an option – and depending on COVID-19 measures in place in the country at the time – our forensic technology professionals can visit the client’ offices and collect devices to bring them back for analysis at our forensic labs. All our personnel can be equipped with relevant anti-virus protection during these operations. Devices can also be sent to our offices via courier services.

Secured and easy to use remote eDiscovery platforms

- Our platforms and IT-infrastructure in the UK, EU and the Russia-CIS region are designed to provide remote secured access to legal counsels and reviewers from different parts of the world. Today dozens of users can access their case data while working remotely from home or elsewhere.

- Our team can support users of our eDiscovery platforms 24/7, helping to solve their technical issues and other critical matters.

Alexander Pisemskiy
Co-Founder & Partner
Kalita Partners

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