E-Discovery & Investigations

Data is now a cornerstone of legal investigations. Amidst a challenging regulatory environment, the amount of data available has grown exponentially. However, processing and analysing large scale data has become strenuous with varying formats in scattered locations. 

Kalita Partners’ eDiscovery solutions empower legal teams to efficiently analyse complex datasets in a unified environment. We have developed a big data analysis infrastructure that can be adapted the required client’s processing speed and volumes.

We assist clients in the review process to quickly find points of interest and analyse connections through refined search systems, time & format filtering and AI powered technologies. eDiscovery solutions allow effective collaborative research between experts and legal teams while protecting sensitive information. Findings can then be exported in shareable formats to provide clients and teams with relevant insights.

Our experts can deploy remote solutions or be on-site within hours in the UK, the EU and CIS jurisdictions to set up and assist clients throughout the eDiscovery cycle. Our team has a long-standing experience in a wide range of cases including cross-border litigations, internal investigations, regulatory requests, and multi-jurisdictional matters. We understand the unique nature of each legal matter and the need for tailored eDiscovery solutions.

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