Live recording now available: Electronic Disclosure

"England is a very popular jurisdiction for international disputes. One of the main
reasons for that is that we take a very broad approach to document disclosure. We have one of the widest approaches in the world, probably second only to the US."

On 9 September Kalita Partners held the fourth session of its Live Talks series with Hogan Lovells addressing the challenges of "Electronic evidence in courts and investigations in Russia, Ukraine and CIS-related cases"

You can now watch the Live Recorded session on demand!

During this session our panel discussed the following topics:

✅Collecting electronic evidence in cross-border cases: different legal cultures and types of approach.

✅Checklist when embarking on a data collection exercise. What are the risks of not having preserved documents?

✅Reviewing and producing the data: technical and human aspects.

✅How is COVID-19 affecting the collection and use of electronic evidence?

✅Managing eDiscovery cost during a case

✅Future trends

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