Business Integrity & Resilience

Leading a business in today’s world is brutal. There is almost no room left for any mistake, small or big.

Operating a business successfully is one thing, but keeping it safe from the most disruptive threats is another challenge. It is no longer a game of setting up processes, implementing automated systems, and pushing box ticking internal policies. The board and the management team require laser vision into the future to understand what is likely to hurt - or even destroy - their business, sometimes overnight.

Kalita Partners’ unique approach focuses on providing answers. Answers to the most difficult questions. Those questions that can make or break a deal or change the course of action of a business. Strategic decisions often rely on crucial intelligence from trusted advisers. We know that there is no room for mistakes or approximations. We work hard to win our seat at the table as a trusted adviser to our clients. We help them solve their most challenging and special situations.

M&A Transaction Intelligence

Whether you are very early stage, evaluating an investment, or you are about to finalise a deal in a new market, you need to have a clear view of what could hurt your reputation tomorrow if anything went wrong. Beyond simple compliance checks, we can assist you with unparalleled insights that will make the difference. We first leverage technology to review large volumes of publicly available information and commercial databases. Later we refine our analysis with exceptional human research and intelligence gathering:

The questions we answer:

  • Undisclosed corporate governance issues?
  • Compliance with laws and regulations (FCPA, UKBA, AML, CTF, Sanctions)?
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners and complex corporate structures?
  • Nature of dealings with government authorities? (e.g risks of bribery and corruption, association with Politically Exposed Persons, etc.)?
  • Involvement with criminal organisations, money laundering, or terrorism financing?
  • Commercial matters showing integrity risk red flags?
  • Any past and pending litigations, judicial proceedings, convictions and sanctions?
  • Any significant negative news (in English and local languages)?
  • Any other allegations or suspicions of illegal or disreputable practice which may pose a reputation risk?

Compliance matters

Sometimes it comes from a whistleblower directly, or sometimes there seems to be evidence that financial misconduct is happening in the business, or a fraud scheme is suspected involving employees and third parties. We use forensic accountants, eDiscovery & digital investigation specialists, corporate intelligence professionals and human source research and analysis.

The questions we answer:

  • Does the fraud allegation have any substance?
  • Can we find the data trail? Transactions? Emails? Text messages?
  • Which employees and/or external third parties may be involved in the suspected fraud scheme? What can we find out about them?
  • What can a forensic accounting analysis of the company’s financial information confirm?
  • Can you confirm the alleged fraud / the financial crime?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a top priority issue that boards and management must get a handle on before it is too late. A major Cyber Security incident can profoundly disrupt the business operations durably. It will impact the reputation of the company and the management team. Protracted litigation with impacted parties and fines from regulators will certainly follow. Under current US SEC rules, a company has four days to disclose a potentially material problem resulting from a Cyber breach. Kalita Partners’ Cyber Technology is led by specialists with a large experience assisting clients during major high-profile cyber incidents and data breach events.

The questions we answer:

  • Have I been breached? When and how?
  • Is there someone now spying in our systems?
  • Where is the next cyber-attack likely to come from? When and how?
  • How can we prevent a cyber-attack?
  • Is our data safe?
  • What should we during a Cyber Attack event?
  • What happens after a Cyber Attack?


Our Capabilities

We put together the right combination of team and tools based on our clients' needs. Our team and network of experienced professionals include multilingual compliance, fraud, financial crime and cyber investigators, forensic accountants, eDiscovery and data analysts, due diligence consultants and cyber security specialists from a variety of backgrounds such as former law-enforcement, Big4 firms, technology firms, risk and security consulting boutiques, and from the legal profession.

Our International Reach

We are experienced at dealing with complex cross-border situations, through our global network of vetted partners on the ground in Europe, Russia CIS, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We also cover the Americas on a case by case basis.

Our Experience

We have years of experience combined working for international clients across the continents. We regularly assist banks, asset managers, hedge funds, private equity groups and family offices during complex situations. We also support clients from a variety of industries such as Technology, Pharmaceutical and Life sciences, Engineering & Construction, Media & Entertainment and the extractive sector. In addition, we also typically work with leading law firms in the UK, the US, and Europe.

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