Cyber Security in the Post-Covid World

What does the end of lockdowns mean for Cyber Security and Business?

Chris Gould, Senior Advisor at Kalita Partners will explore the nature of the current threats in the post-lockdown context, the responsibility of the board and executive management team, how to manage a cyber crisis and the impact it has on reputation.

Thank you to the prestigious Quorum Network membership club for inviting Chris Gould and Kalita Partners to present in October in London to the Q members. 

Chris Gould is a Cyber expert with nearly 30 years' experience of assisting organisations throughout the world in assessing and managing Information and cybersecurity risks, Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Chris Gould is a Senior Advisor on Cyber at Kalita Partners. 

Chris is a well-respected expert in his field having previously led regional cybersecurity practices at both EY and PwC and has experience in supporting clients through breach response and in developing pragmatic long-term security transformation programmes.

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